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Ella asks the following:

<Thank you for the information, does it means that each one of the
holds the data without sharing it with the other? Is it not data that
belongs to the community? Very odd!>

The Szenicer family database began over 25 years ago when Pinkus
Szenicer began documenting the gravestone information. The work was continued by
his son Boleslaw. Boleslaw shared much of his database with JRI-Poland and
that data is live on the JRI-Poland database. I believe the JRI-Poland
database probably contains about 80% of Boleslaw's data. When Boleslaw was
dismissed by the Warsaw Jewish Community, he took his data with him. If you find
a match on the JRI-Poland database, you can contact Boleslaw privately.
His website is located at http://www.jewishcem.waw.pl/ =20
There is contact information there.

When Isroel Szpilman was hired by the Jewish Community, he began to
document the Warsaw tombstone information anew. He shares his database with
JRI-Poland and this data is also on the JRI-Poland database. Last year,
JRI-Poland bought the Cemetery a digital camera so he can more easily
document the information. JRI-Poland has received several updates and
they are probably due for a new one. Information on this database can be
found at

There is actually a third limited Warsaw Cemetery Database and the
information can be found on this database at

So though the tombstone information in the Warsaw Cemetery is hardly
complete and for those who have been there, know it is a very difficult
tasks, the data is shared with the Worldwide community.

Best of luck in your research

Hadassah Lipsius
Kew Gardens Hills, NY

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