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re: Sztuka cafe, Lezno Street
Braun (Herman and/or Pola/Paulina)

Dear All,

I am doing research on the Sztuka cafe in the Warsaw Ghetto.. It was
located on Lezno Street until about 1943. Spilzman in his autobiography,
The Pianist, mentions working at the cabaret. He called it one of the
finest in all of Warsaw. Among other participants were the poet, Szlengel,
and other popular notables, such as Jonas Turkow and his wife, Diana
Blumenfeld, Wlast, etc.

In particular, I am looking for:

Any ephemera (menus, advertisements, matchbooks, programs, etc.)
Any photographs of the interior, or exterior of the cafe that may have
Contributions to the accounts I have already located, describing the cafe
4. Any recordings, or memories of music that was performed
5. Any background material about the formation of the caf=E9, itself, and
who the owner(s) could have been.
6. Any further information or details about other cabarets, or
nightclubs during the Warsaw Ghetto period.

I am also trying to locate specific remarks or material related to private
literary groups that took place periodically throughout the Ghetto years,
which included Szlengel and his followers.

The information pertains to a colleague who performed in a regular show at
the Sztuka, called =B3The Living Chronicle,=B2 by the name of Pola or Paulina
Braun(owna). She was my father=B9s first cousin (once removed, I think), who
later, perished in Majdanek in 1943.

She also wrote poetry and songs. I am seeking anyone who may recall any of
the melodies. In the Zgierz Yiskor book, a woman by the name of Mary
Fischer Fischman of Montreal (post=3Dwar thru=B9 c. 1950s) mentioned recalling
one of Pola=B9s songs.

I am also interested in any further details about her father, Herman Braun,
who was the owner of a major plywood factory in Grodno, and had offices
before the War in Warsaw. He was educated in Berlin, and fluent in German.
The family lived on Zielna Street.

I have made some headway over the past year. However, I would like to fles=
out a complete picture. I tried to write to the Jewish Historical Institut=
in Warsaw, but never received a response. Same with the museum and archive=
at the former Majdanek concentration camp. Information about Herman=B9s
company once large and powerful remains scant, for example. If someone can
guide me to contacts within these organizations, or others (aside >from the
USHHM), who can correspond with me in English, I=B9d appreciate it. Things
can be forwarded to me in German, Polish, or Yiddish and I believe that I
have someone to translate them.

Thank you very much. You may post to the board, or send e-mail privately
through JewishGen (I prefer to protect my online privacy).

Researcher 196209

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