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re: caf=E9 Sztuka and Braun family members

Thank you to those who were kind enough to reply to my query. I am using a
new e-mail program, and for some reason, I missed until today, all your
helpful hints. Please don't hesitate to let me know of any others you may
find, too.

I will have to review all the digests, but in the meantime, I wanted to
answer Kris, first....

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Subject: Re: Ghetto cabarets and/or Braun factory in Prewar Warszawa
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I do not know what you know and what would be new to you.....

You will find more Polish directories online at the Library of Congress
website: In the 1938
Warsaw telephone book
you will find addresses of Brothers Braun playwood factory in Warsaw, at =
Zielna Street (warehouses) and at 122 Radzyminska Street. Herman Braun's
residence was at 12 Zielna Street,
I hope some of this will be of help.
Kris Murawski
Annandale, VA
Yes Kris,

Much of this is very helpful. I already know about the Music of Rembrance
group. Pola's poems were not "unpublished," but rather appeared in a book
c. 1946 or 7 in Poland. Also, a researcher of Szlengel tells me that she
rescued two of Pola's poems.

These surviving six poems were not "published" in English, however.

However, the website features a number of articles about the premiere,
"Letter to Warsaw," without updating either journalists or readers that muc=
more information was located about Pola, and that the closest surviving
relative (my father) was discovered last year. It was through his help tha=
a great of deal of new material was recovered very recently.

Unfortunately, we've learned the very painful way that not everyone who
works in the field of Holocaust studies chooses to pay homage to victims an=
survivors alike. Sometimes, things are just done for personal
aggrandizement, such as what this group did, or didn't do.

When you get the recording, you'll find in the notes that the music was not
dedicated to Pola or any or her colleagues or victims of the Holocaust, and
some of the sources of information upon further digging were not credited.
We'll leave it at that, although I understand Maria von Trapp (of "Sound of
Music" fame) was not even sent an invite to the premiere of the film, and
did not receive a sou of the royalties (give or take the latter).....

Of course as an academic, independent researcher and a descendant of Pola, =
plan to keep records of collected resources, credit citations, and
acknowledge people who have been helpful during the course of this work.

I looked through the Polish Business Directory and couldn't find anything,
but I was looking in Grodno, rather than Bialystok. I will look, anew.

I was wondering about the things you found in the Library of Congress
website, and how you were able to find the index. I did find Herman and
Hermanowa Braun on image 87, but I couldn't determine where to view the
businesses addresses you were able to locate.

I'd very much appreciate it, if you could tell me how to run searches
through these digital materials, as I was not able to bring up the .pdf
version. =20

My grandfather was a tailor and/or owned a fabric shop in Warsaw c. 1937-9.
His last name was Braun, first Noach or Noah.

Thanks so much for the Leszno address of the caf=E9. No one ever told me it
before, and how delightful to finally see a photo of the outside (at

Best wishes and many thanks

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