Re: PYTKOWICZ and KOZIROG #poland #warsaw

Logan J. Kleinwaks

Yacov Pytkowicz asked about the families PYTKOWICZ (parents >from Sobienie
Jeziory) and KOZIROG (parents >from Gora Kalwaria).

You can learn where people with these surnames lived and worked, and in what
occupations they worked, and, sometimes, at what street addresses they lived
or worked, by searching old business, telephone, etc. directories at If you only want to see exact matches to these
spellings, use the Regular search method (or, if you want to catch common
OCR errors, use the OCR-Adjusted method). For PYTKOWICZ, doing a
Daitch-Mokotoff search for [P]YTKOWICZ reveals many more instances of
similar-sounding spellings, such as PIETKOWIECZ, but I do not know whether
these refer to the same family. Here are a few, but not all, examples of
what you can find:

In the 1930 Polish business directory:

PYTKOWICZ C., Warszawa, Nalewki 24, occupation bielizna/sprzedaz
KOZIROG Szajndla, Warszawa, Ogrodowa 47, occupation herbaciarnie
KOZIROG J., Boguszyce (near Warszawa), occupation akuszerki

In Sobienie-Jeziory (image 710):
PYTKOWICZ M., occupation blawaty
KOZIROG R., occupation czapnicy

KOZIROG also in Lodz and Sompolno pow. Kolo

Best regards,

Logan Kleinwaks
near Washington, D.C.

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