Second Request: Russian Translation Requested #poland #warsaw

stephen cohen

I have just recently obtained copies of a few birth certificates and
one death certificate of people that I believe may be related to my
ggf, Szmul Bojankowski. His parents were Jankiel Bojankosky and Ruchla
Miriam Liskiecz. I was hoping someone could help translate them.

Here are the direct links:

1) VM9160 Srul Lejb Bojankosky's Birth Certificate:

2) VM9161 Gitla Bojankosky's Birth Certificate:

3) VM9162 Gitla Bojanksosky's Death Certificate:

4) VM9163 Misej Bojankosky's Birth Certificate

Please send any responses directly to me at cohens4@....

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Stephen Cohen
Freehold, NJ

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