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Hello Warszawa,

I just joined the group, and have also joined GerSig, Gesher Galicia, and

My primary research goal with this group is to find out if any of my
immediate SILBERSPITZ family >from Gnojnik, Poland or Berlin, Germany lived
in the Warsaw Ghetto. We have not been able to find any information on the
fate of my family members during the Holocaust. We have located SILBERSPITZ
and ZIMERSPITZ survivors in Israel, Austria, USA, and Argentina, but we are
not certain they are related to our immediate family.

I have been doing genealogy research for over 10 years, but consider myself
to be novice in doing research on Warsaw. My experience doing research on
the internet on other issues is extensive.

My native language is English - I live in the USA. I can read Spanish,
Italian and some French, but barely read Polish and German.

I have documents and vital records for my grandmother Mrs. Chane Terzian
(nee "Helen" SILBERSPITZ), born 1897 in Gnojnik, Poland, who emigrated to
the USA in 1914 and died in 1923 in the USA.

My great-grandparents Laja (nee Lotti ZIMERSPITZ) and Jakob SILBERSPITZ
lived in Gnojnik, Poland (formerly Galicia) >from the 19th century at least
to the interwar period when we lost contact with them. We do not know if
they migrated elsewhere or died in the Holocaust.

Warm regards,
Mrs. Nancy Nepola-Terzian Fox
Franklin, TN, USA
Searching (initially):
SILBERSPITZ, Heinrich - who vanished >from Berlin after 1939
SILBERSPITZ, Jakob & Laja (nee Lotti ZIMERSPITZ) - who vanished >from
Gnojnik/Brzesko, Poland
ZIMERSPITZ, Amalia & Salome - who vanished >from Ubrzez/Lapanow, Poland
ZIMERSPITZ, Chaim - who vanished >from Ubrezia, Poland

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