Re: Polish town of Kislowigme #poland #warsaw

cordier alice <cordierlubinski@...>

Hello !

I have read at the end of your email one of the name
KAPLAN. A friend of mine, named Kaplan, lives in
California. He came >from France in the US. His family
lived in France.

I thought I would mention that to you in case you were
researching about this name also.

If I can be of some more help, please contact me

I live in France and try to look for ancestry for
Lubinski and Rozentraub, but until know could not get
very far.

Best of luck,
Alice Lubinski

--- robert roudman <> wrote:

Hello friends,
A relative's grand uncle listed the Polish town of
Kislowigme (sic) on his
1909 ships manifest.
I believe that the clerk in Antwerp wrote what he
believed he heard,(in his
own difficult hand)>from the lips of a Yiddish
speaking teenager, bearing
this in mind could this be a small town in Poland?
The family oral history
mentioned Poland as the homeland. Which town could
it be. I have used Shtetl
Finder and found Kozlowice Nowe in Poland, &
Nizhniye Kozlovichi, Belarus.
When I tried the town name Kislowszcyzna, taken from
a Yiskor Book index,
Shtetl Finder gave me the following town names:
Kizielewszczyzna, Poland;
Kozlowice Stare, Poland; also Kozlevshchina,
Belarus; Kozlovshchina, Belarus; & Kozlovshchina,
Thank you,
Bob Roudman
San Rafael, CA
Riga, Tumanovka,
Sedilkow, Tiraspol,

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