Re: Variations of the Names Chana/Anka #poland #warsaw

Sarah L Meyer

I have two suggestions, first go to the Given names database and choose
European to Foreign, select Poland as the European and then you can
choose the US or Argentina, Mexico or Uruguay (for the Spanish). Put in
Chana (or one of the other names). Then you can use the US versions and
do the reverse (Foreign to European) to pick up the French, German or
To pick up Cyrillic or Hebrew you can use Steve Morse's site for

Hello to My Friends of the Warsaw Research Group:
The search continues to document the remaining siblings for our

I need to compile a list of all possible variations of the name
Chana/Hannah/Anka/Janina which might have been used in Poland -- or
transliterated improperly into Cyrillic or German or French or Spanish
even, English, >from Polish or Hebrew.

No suggestion is too far fetched. ;o)

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