Should my mother take mtDNA or mtDNAPlus test? #dna

Laurence Harris <laurence@...>

I am contemplating arranging for my mother to have an MtDNA test or
an MtDNAPlus test using Family Tree DNA. My (maternal) great
grandmother was Jewish with a surname of HOCHMANN (or similar) from
the Czestochowa town/area of Poland. I need to decide which test to

My objective is to link with others with ancestors >from this
town/area who have similar DNA and also to see if there are others
with a HOCHMANN (or similar) surname who have similar DNA.

The MtDNA appears to test the mtDNA of females and the female
lineage of males for HVR1 (16001 to 16569), whereas the mtDNAPlus
tests the mtDNA HVR1 and HVR2 of females and the female lineage of
males, and also verifies possible Native American and African

Given that we are unlikely to have Native American or African
ancestry in recent generations (ie 1750-1950) which are the
generations that I am most interested in, then the main difference
between these two tests appears to be that mtDNAPlus tests HRV2 in
addition to HRV1.

Please could someone explain whether this additional testing of HRV2
is likely to bring any benefits given my objectives which I have
listed above.


Laurence Harris
Pinner, Middlesex, England

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