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Sharon Adler <adler1@...>

Hello JewishGenners,

I have just joined the group. I have been doing genealogy for approximately
4 months. I consider myself a novice.

I live in (urban) Durban, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. My native language is
English and I also know Afrikaans.

I have identified the names, birth and death dates of my grandparents and
the birth country of my great grandparents.

My primary research goals are to find out where in Hungary
(megye/county/province) my great grandparents originated from. I am aware
that Hungarian research is a challenge because the empire was so large and
geographically diverse. Because of the break-up of the empire, they could
actually be >from towns that are now Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania,
Serbia, Croatia or Slovenia.

My grandfather, Joseph ADLER was born in Gorbals, Scotland in 1902. He had
six siblings - Jeanie (born 1894), Rebecca (1897), Annie (1899), Morris
(1904), Louis (1906) and Golda (1908). Golda died at age six in 1914. Most
Glasgow Jews were born in that city, although nearly all had immigrant

I am currently working with Harvey KAPLAN - Director of the Scottish Jewish
Archives to find out more about Joseph's siblings and their families in an
attempt to increase the research and network.

Joseph was a pilot in the RAF during WW2 and he was assigned to (the then)
South West Africa where he met and married my grandmother Nellie ADAMS in
1943. They had 3 children - Joseph Charles ADLER (my father- deceased in
1992), Lionel ADLER and Edna ADLER. It is believed that this was my
grandfather's second marriage as he was 41 years at the time of his marriage
to Nellie. It is possible that he was married before in England?

Joseph died in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa in 1972 and is buried at the
Mountain Rise Cemetery.

My grandfather's parents were Myer ADLER and Sarah PASS. They were married
on the 21st November 1893 at the synagogue, 29 Main Street Glasgow. Myer was
24 years old (born 1869) and Sarah was 23 (1870). There are no birth or
death records for Myer or Sarah in Scotland or the UK. According to the 1901
UK census, Myer and Sarah were recorded as originating >from Hungary but
where specifically, is unknown.

Myer's father was also a Joseph ADLER (deceased in 1893, when my ggparents
married). His wife was Fanny (m.s. unclear). No records exist in Scotland/UK
for Joseph or Fanny.

Sarah's father was John PASS (butcher) and her mother was Annie (m.s.
FLORE). No records exist in Scotland/UK for John or Annie.

I realise that I am looking for a needle in a haystack but should anybody be
able to assist in anyway, I will be most grateful.


Sharon Adler
Durban, KwaZulu Natal
South Africa

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