searching for info on great grandfather Israel (Isadore) MOJSEZON and family #poland #warsaw


Hi all,

My name is Leah and I've relatively new to the group.
I'm researching two branches of my family that I believe came >from near Warsaw
in the 1880s.

My great grandfather Israel (Isadore) MOJSEZON was born in 1882 in Poland.
I think he is >from or near Warsaw but have no proof. I'm trying to find
any records of where he was from.
He had two brothers that I know of, Nathan (Natan) and David.
Both brothers moved to the UK and changed the family name to Morrison.
Isadore immigrated to the US in 1910 with his wife Celia MILBERG
and their first two children.
They changed the family name to Benson for immigration reasons.

Celia MILBERG, my great grandmother came >from Wegrow,
Poland outside of Warsaw. Other family names married into the family
are SEPIURKA and BURSZTYN. If anyone is connected to any of these families,
please be in touch.

Any help greatly appreciated!

Leah Schneier, Tel Aviv, Israel (originally Washington DC)

Leah Schneier
cell phone: 052-619-3988

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