1895 Warsaw wedding - addresses with numbers only #warsaw #poland


I recently received a translation of my ancestor's (Nochim Heller and Chaja
Herman) 1895 Warsaw wedding certificate (handwritten Russian). The
information is wonderful, but I don't understand (and neither did the
translator) why the addresses are all given as numbers with no street names.

For example, "Nochim Heller, twenty six years old, bachelor, a merchant,
born in the city of Wolkowyski, in the Grodno Province, residing temporarily
in Warsaw at number two thousand two hundred thirty six B..." Why only
2236B? There's no name for the street. There are several other addresses
given in the document, and all have numbers with NO street names.

Any idea how this happened?

Thank you,
Richard S. Levine
Clearwater, Florida

moderator: the numbers are "hypoteka" that is to say plot numbers.
You can find the corresponding
street and number on Warszawa Research Group website

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