the crystal tribe #warsaw #poland


hello all. I am still searching for survivors and distant cousins
of my crystal family originally >from warsaw and nearby.
some alternate spellings: krysztal, kristal, krystal, all used
by my grandfather at various times.
our family history relates that most of my grandfather's relatives
perished in the warsaw ghetto and camps but some survivors went to
paris and israel/palestine after ww2. Daniel crystal my father was
contacted but no longer remembered names or had info by the time
I questioned him. he was living in washington dc at that time.
joseph crystal ( josef kristal?) immigrated to newark around 1904
to escape the draft. he was >from warsaw and left behind brothers
and sisters. His older brother, name unknown, had become a
successful jeweler in paris. another brother george crystal
(Gedaljo kristal) had immigrated first to newark nj, also a
jeweler. I have been able to find some documentation on george,
he is the easiest one. Have found a number of potential relatives
and some records but have never found the birth info showing the
rest of my grandfather's family or my grandfathers immigration records.
Anyhow, I continue to try.
I have established a group on facebook, the crystal tribe, under
Sara crystal. I think at this point I am just trying to reestablish
some connections no matter how distant.
I have also found branches of the crystal tribe in israel,
south africa, lithuania (in the past), latvia...
Please feel free to join the tribe on facebook.
Its ok if we havent found the connection. greetings to all in
your searches. I do know about the JewishGen Family Finder and
have listed myself there and contacted some folks.
I am also searching for kovno lithuania the friedman/freeman family
(Jovainiai, Lithuania) and the rabinowitz family same area.
good luck in your searches.
Sara Crystal

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