Warsaw 1939/1940 telephone directory online #poland #warsaw

Logan Kleinwaks

Dear Warsaw Researchers,

Thanks to Yad Vashem's assistance, I am delighted to announce that a
1939/1940 Warsaw telephone directory >from their collection is now
viewable online and searchable through my site
http://genealogyindexer.org. To restrict searches to only this
directory, append {d285} to your search term. I do not normally
announce additions to my site on this mailing list (but rather on
Twitter @gindexer), however I believe this directory will be
especially useful to researchers owing to its late date. In addition
to Warsaw, the directory also includes telephone listings >from some of
the surrounding area. Many of the entries include a personal name,
occupation, street address, and telephone number. There is also a
small (not comprehensive) Warsaw business directory at the end.

The original Polish title of this directory is "Spis abonentow sieci
telefonicznej m. st. warszawy p.a.s.t. i warszawskiej sieci okreg.
p.p.t.t." It is divided into the following sections:

I. Spis abonentow prywatnych w porzadku alfabetycznym
II. Spis instytucji rzadowych, komunalnych i wojskowych
III. Spis abonentow Warsz. Sieci Okregowej w porzadku alfabetycznym
wedlug miejscowosci i nazwisk abonentow
IV. Adresy reklamowe - wedlug branz i zawodow

The nearby places (all within 25km) covered in Section III are:

Anin, Babice, Baniocha, Bialoleka Dworska, Blonie, Boernerowo,
Brwinow, Choszczowka, Chotomow, Dabrowka, Debe Wielkie, Falenica,
Golkow, Grodzisk, Henrykow, Jablonna, Jeziorna, Jozefow k. Blonia,
Jozefow k. Otwocka, Kampinos, Karczew, Klembow, Kobylka, Laski,
Legionowo, Leszno k. Blonia, Lomianki, Marki, Miedzeszyn, Miedzylesie,
Milanowek, Milosna, Mlociny, Modlin, Nadarzyn, Nieporet, Nowy Dwor,
Okuniew, Otwock, Ozarow, Piaseczno, Piastow, Podkowa Lesna,
Pomiechowek, Pruszkow, Pustelnik, Pyry, Radosc, Radzymin, Raszyn,
Rembertow, Serock, Skolimow, Stara Milosna, Struga, Sulejowek, Swider,
Ursus, Wawer, Wesola, Wiazowna, Wilanow, Wlochy, Wolomin, Zabki,
Zaborow k. Blonia, Zakroczym, Zegrze, Zielonka, Zlotoklos

For those who wish to browse Section III, the entries begin with Anin
on image 560 (http://genealogyindexer.org/view/193940W/560).

Although the telephone listings are mostly alphabetized by surname,
being able to search the full text of this directory can yield
information that would be difficult to find by merely browsing by
surname. For example, you can search by street address ("krasinskiego
29") or occupation (rabin). Also, it is common to find listings that
include multiple surnames, but are only alphabetized under the first.
For example, searching for rotenstein {d285} will match an entry for
"Redlich Z. i Rotenstein I." that only appears alphabetized under
"Redlich." Also, you can search by Daitch-Mokotoff Soundex or using
the advanced methods shown at http://genealogyindexer.org/advanced.

Because Yad Vashem has given me permission to host the images for this
directory, I am able to highlight matching text directly on the
images. When you perform a search, you will see a list of results
with brief text snippets surrounding matching text, and clicking on
the corresponding "1939/1940 Warsaw ..." link will display an image of
the directory page with the matching text highlighted (some users,
rarely, will not be able to see the on-image highlighting).

Making this directory so easily accessible to the public has only been
possible because of the generous cooperation of Yad Vashem. At Yad
Vashem, Zvi Bernhardt, in particular, has been instrumental in
bringing this resource to you. I would also like to thank Randy
Herschaft for helping to initiate the project.

If you find this directory to be helpful, please tell me so I can
share your successes with Yad Vashem.

Please note that http://genealogyindexer.org also includes many other
directories specific to Warsaw or with coverage including Warsaw. The
Warsaw-specific directories are >from 1939/1940, 1938/1939, 1930,
1913/1914, 1909, 1908, 1870, 1869, 1863, 1852, 1826, 1821, 1807/1808,
and 1784.

Best regards,

Logan Kleinwaks
near Washington, D.C.

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