Re: What do my matches mean? #dna

Judy Simon

On 2008.02.29, Hope Gordon <msnodrog@...> wrote:

I am a little confused about DNA testing and the results. I have
submitted my mtDNA to Family Tree DNA. I have also signed up for
the Ukraine group.
Hope, I strongly suggest you join the mtDNA Haplogroup K project.
The administrator is very knowledgeable, and there you could partake
in the K project discussions learn >from the experts. We are in a
new frontier with mtDNA testing, as the full genomic sequence (FGS)
mtDNA analysis is now being offered by Family Tree DNA at a
reasonable price. In addition, the K project is offering a reduced
price for the FGS. According to Bennett Greenspan, the FGS is very
roughly equivalent to a Y-DNA 37 marker test in estimating time to
most recent common ancestor.

As more and more people have the FGS tested, we will learn even more
about the recent and deep ancestry for those individuals with mtDNA
haplogroup K. Also, Dr. Doron Behar will be publishing another study
on mtDNA haplogroups, and when his study comes out, there will be a
lot of discussion on new subclades (sub-haplogroups that branch off
from the main branch). So, stay tuned.
Judy Simon
co-administrator, Jewish Ukraine West

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