Paris 2012 newsletter 10 #warsaw #poland


JULY 15-18 2012
French Cercle de Genealogie Juive

Newsletter # 10 – May 16, 2012

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++COMPUTER CLASSES++: We offer 12 classes for beginners and advanced to
useful software to organize your genealogy, including ANCESTRY and
MYHERITAGE (summaries on our website). Due to the limited number of places
and the provision of computers, participation in these classes requires
registration and a participation fee of 15 euros. REGISTER QUICKLY on

++GUIDED TOURS in Paris++: do not forget if you are still in Paris on Friday
20, the guided tour of the Holocaust Memorial and its unique databases
(register for 5 euros).

++The GALA EVENING and its exciting program++: for 50 euros, you will
satisfy your taste buds with a gourmet (and kosher) meal, your brain with a
lecture by Father Desbois (president of the Yahad-In Unum) and your ears
with Lenka Lichtenberg and its musical program. Sign up quickly

++SIG LUNCHES and BREAKFASTS++: for only 29 euros (19 for breakfasts) listen
and debate with renowned speakers in the friendliness of a quality meal. You
can also sign up for 25 euros for kosher lunches regardless of SIGs.


++FAMILY TREES++: rotating exhibitions of over 20 trees with the presence of
the authors between 12 and 2 pm.

++“>from A JEWISH WORLD TO ANOTHER, >from Yiddishland to the Maghreb and >from
the Shtetl to the Mellah, through the postcard (late XIXth - early XXth
centuries)”++. An exhibition curated by Martine Levy and Guy and Marie
Alzera >from thousands of postcards gathered by Gérard Sylvain.

++“THE JEWRY OF PERNES-LES-FONTAINES”++: on the trail of a Jewish community
of medieval France. An exhibition designed by the Cultural Association of
Jews of the Pope.

++“>from PAST TO PRESENT : SEPHARDIC MARRIAGES IN IZMIR”++: a new exhibition
prepared by Selim Bonfil.

++“PIERRE MENDES FRANCE >from HISTORY TO ACTION”++: A video of the exhibition
recently proposed for the 100th anniversary of his birth by the Alliance
Israélite Universelle, where are deposited his genealogical records. With
comments by Jean-Claude Kuperminc, Curator of the IAU.


****SIGN UP and have your friends register to the Conference and to the
various activities we propose.****

The committee

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