Ring and Gorenstein, New York and Warsaw, early 1900's #poland #warsaw

Elaine Farran

I have found another mysterious connection to my Gorenstein family - a poss=
ible relative named Morris Ring.=20

My grandmother, Frymet Chave Muskatblatt, married Chaim Zamler ( who later =
became Chaim Gorenstein - but that's another story) in Poland, before 1907.

Her sister, Shoshe (Sara)Muskatblatt, married Meilich Tsvi (Morris) Gorenst=
ein, her first cousin before 1905. According to the ship's manifest:=20
---On Jan 23, 1905, Schosse Gorenstein (24) entered the US. She is going to=
her husband, Meiloch Gorenstein at 126 E. 3 St.=20
---Shosshe is listed as the sister-in-law of her traveling companion, Morri=
s Ring, who was also traveling with his daughter, Chave or Chane Gorenstein=
(10) Morris Ring is going to his brother-in-law, W. Gorenstein at 126 E. 3=
rd St.=A0=20
There is no information about their places of residence in Europe or about =
the nearest relatives they left behind. That page seems to be missing.

Could Morris Ring's brother in law be M., instead of W., Gorenstein, which =
would make him Shoshe's brother-in-law or is it possible that Morris Ring w=
as married to another of Shoshe's sisters?

Also - if anyone else is researching the Ring family of NY in the early 190=
0's, please contact me.=20

Thank you

Elaine Farran
Long Beach New York USA
---MUSZKATBLATT,GORENSTEIN:Warsaw, Lublin Area, NY, Minnesota=20
---ZAMLER/SAMLER: Bobrowniki, Warsaw, Lublin, Pulawy, New York=20
---KOLMEISTER,KINDER: Pulawy, Warsaw areas; Boston, Los Angeles=20
---SEFMAN:Boston,Warsaw, Los Angeles=20
---SZAMPANIER/CHAMPANIER/CHENCHINSKA(& variations):Konskie, Piotrkow,Lodz, =
Buenos Aires=20
---MIODOWICZ,PEYSACHOW, ELBINGER:Konskie and environs;
Zgierz, Piotrkow, Lodz, New York

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