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My name is Yacov, son of holocaust survivors and I'm trying to help people
who are looking for their relatives in Israel.
I have found only 1 man and 1 woman that might fit your searching.
The man was Rosenberg Israel born in Poland 1.1.1903 and died in 8.8.85
He immigrated to Israel before w.w.2 married Hinda and had 2 daughters:
Melzer zipora who was living in their apartment in 30 Krinizi st. and
their tel. number was (if you call outside Israel) 972-3-6739130
I have I hope the num. of the second daughter son (her name is Lea Kishoni)
His name is Eyal Kishoni 972-50-631-3572 ask the first daughter about her
father or him about his grandfather Israel, maybe it is your family.

I have found also only one Ester Hershfinger born 24.12.1900 died 15.11.82
she immigrated to Isreal also before w.w.2 and I did not found any
connection to Rosenberg Israel (You better ask them).
Her son's name is Yacov Hershfinger and he might give you also some answers
which I hope will find your family:
Tel: 972-3-672-8898 972-77-424-2187
I wish you lots of luck with your research,

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I am looking for the descendants of YISRAEL ROSENBERG, son of Avraham Chaim
Rosenberg and Lea Khana. He was born late 1880's or 1890's, came to Israel
possibly before WW2 and lived at 31 Pines Street, Tel Aviv in 1952 Also
looking for descendants of ESTHER HERSHFINGER / ROSENBERG who I think was
Yisrael's sister, born around the same time a she was, and lived at 63 Herzl
Street, Tel Aviv in 1956.
I believe these people were the only survivors of their immediate family and
would have been my great uncle and great aunt. Any help would be gratefully
Michael Rosenberg
Researching ROSENBERG >from Brest Litovsk, Warsaw

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