ViewMate translation from Yiddish requested (and photo IDs) #poland #warsaw

Karen Wyman <ancestoire@...>

Dear Gen'ers

I just posted these images (and the text on the back of one) to ViewMate =
and am requesting additional translations and anything that could help =
to further identify these family members.
It appears to be the same man (Fishel Yisraelovitch) in several of the =

Per Odeda Zlotnick, who so graciously translated much of this earlier =
today, the writer is Fishel Yisraelovitch, my great grandmother's =
Thank you Odeda!

They are posted on ViewMate at the following addresses: =20

two sides of one photo:=20

Please respond using the ViewMate online form.

Thank you very much!

Karen Katz Wyman
Cleveland, Ohio, USA=

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