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Judy Simon

On 2008.04.05, Allan Dolgow <> wrote:

I need an explanation as I am confused by some test results. My
test results for Family Tree DNA Y-DNA STR suggest that I belong to
Haplogroup R1a.
Allan, I am hoping someone else with more knowledge than I do about
Haplogroup R1a will give you more info. Wikipedia has the following
information on R1a:

There is a Haplogroup R1a project that you can join, but it doesn't
look like the project is structured to have a Jewish R1a subgroup.
Perhaps there is someone with expertise in R1a who would like to
start a Jewish Haplogroup R1a project? There is a hypothesis that
the Khazar royalty who converted to Judaism, possibly as Levites, in
the tenth century were Haplogroup R1a. You can read more about this

However, my Haplogroup for my mtDNA show my Halogroup is K.

I would appreciate an explanation for each and how to I interpret
these results.
The mtDNA haplogroup K project, administered by Bill Hurst, is a
tremendous resource. I recommend that you join the hap K project.
Bill is an active and knowledgeable administrator, and an expert on
hap K. You can join the project >from your personal Family Tree DNA
webpage. Click on the blue "join" button on the left side of the
page. Then scroll down and click on the "K" category under the
heading mtDNA haplogroup projects. Click on Haplogroup K and

Also should I order a deep clade test for R1a and would it provide
me anything of value?
I will defer to Elise Friedman or anyone else who has knowledge of
R1a subclades for the answer to this question.

Judy Simon
co-administrator, Jewish Ukraine West and Iberian Ashkenaz Y-DNA projects
administrator, Brosgol, Lefkowitz, and Olstein surname projects

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