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Could MOLAWA, Poland actually be Mlawa?

Evelyn Frybort
Sydney, Australia

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Subject: [warszawa] Warsaw street directories before 1900

I am looking for a family named ROSENBERG (a very common name
unfortunately) who lived in Warsaw around 1900.
in 1899 my great grandfather Menachem Moshe Meir ROSENBERG was born to
Yaakov Chanoch/ Heinach and Channa ROSENBERG in Warsaw, and he lived there
until he married in approx. 1917, his parents lived there longer, however i
don't know how long- presumably until they died.
Menachem Moshe Meir married in MOLAWA, Poland. Both his parents had died by
What records could i find about this family? is it possible to search the
burial records? what about street directories? census records?

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