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Ptasia is a short street linking Zimna at one end and Przechodnia at the
other. In the 1930-ies there were three dwellings on the even side of the
street, No. 6 (corner of Zimna) and No. 2 at the corner with Przechodnia and
Plac Zelaznej Bramy; Ptasia 4 was in the middle. On the odd side of the
street there were two buildings, No. 1 at the corner with Plac Zelaznej
Bramy and No. 3 at the corner with Zimna.
The buildings did not survive the war, but Ptasia street is still there,
between Zimna and Przechodnia. This photo shows what is now at the Ptasia 4
address. Ptasia 4 is in the middle (you can see number 4 on the building),
Ptasia 6 on left and Ptasia 2 on the right side of Ptasia 4:,21.00109,3a,75y,10.16h,93.67t/data=!3m
Current map in the lower left corner.

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My father and his family lived at Ptasia 4. The street has since been
destroyed. How do I found out where it was and who owned the building before

Lisa Glenner

moderator's answer: The Warszawa Research Group volounteers did just that
for you:

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