Researcher? #warsaw #poland


I am looking for someone who is familiar with Logan Kleinwak's databases, c=
an read Polish and Cyrillic, and who can search for information about my MO=
ZESON family members and locations in Warsaw, pre-WW2. I have tried going t=
hrough the business directories, etc. on Logan's website, but, between the =
languages, the abbreviations and formats used in the Directories, and tryin=
g to figure out how and where to look, I find it too difficult for my agein=
g brain (I am 67 years old) to do the job effectively.I am especia=
lly interested to see if a marriage certificate for Samuel Mozeson and Lill=
y/Leah Nathanson can be found >from around 1910 - 1912. I understand that, i=
f such a document still exists in Warsaw, it would most likely be in Archiv=
e 72, Fond 200. I am also interested in any information regarding Alexander=
"Sasha" Goldberg, an interesting businessman and in-law who lived at Pozna=
nska 3 in the 1920s and into the 1930s, of whom I can find practically noth=
ing. Any recommendations on a researcher I could hire would be greatly appr=
eciated.=0A=A0=0AGeorge Mason=0ASearching for MOZESON in Warsaw

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