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Congrès Paris 2012 Généaloj

July 15-18 2012
32nd IAJGS International Conference on Jewish Genealogy hosted by The
French Cercle de Genealogie Juive (
( – contact@... )

Post Conference Newsletter ***Special "Proceedings"***
February 27, 2014

The Proceedings of the 32nd IAJGS International Conference on Jewish
Genealogy are almost all available

You will find there everything you liked so much (or missed!) during
those 4 exciting days of July 2012

• Almost complete French-English bilingualism;
• A particular focus on Europe, its medieval settlements, its
cemeteries, its archives;
• A unique look at the genealogy and history of the Sephardic as
well as the Ashkenazi communities;
• All aspects of your researches: history, resources, legacy
preservation, transmission, nature and nurture, fancy genealogies,
origin and identity, genetics, the Holocaust, ethics, biblical
genealogies and of course methodology;
• Speakers >from all over the world.

Some *150 texts* have been collected into *4 volumes* with bibliographies,
- Volume 1: **The Western World**: 32 texts relating to France, Western
Europe (including Italy but not Spain), the United States and Israel. 330
pages – completely translated (1 English volume - 1 French volume).
- Volume 2: **Central and Eastern Europe**: (including Germany and Austria).
37 papers, 292 pages - completely translated (1 English volume - 1 French
volume). *Available*
- Volume 3: **Sephardic, Middle-East, and African areas**: 57 papers or
summaries, 506 pages, some texts are translated, others are in their
original language accompanied by abstracts in the other language (1
bilingual volume). *Available before the end of February*
- Volume 4: Thematic lectures (Holocaust, genetics, ethics...) and
Methodological workshops (genealogical travels, use of pictures, publishing,
deciphering Hebrew, software)... About 35 papers. Completely translated (1
English volume - 1 French volume). This volume is *still in preparation*.
Volumes can be ordered *separately or together* in *hard copy* or on *digital
support*. Hard copies are available *in color* and in *black & white*.
If you buy a hard copy you will also receive the corresponding digitized

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