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Olivier Neuman

my name is olivier Neuman;
I'm looking for acts in Warszawa. The problem is they are not
available online as for Galicia.
I would like to know how to get them in particular the email adress we
have to write and can I write to them in English or Polish is the only

What I found it's this:
- records in Fond 826 in Warszawa Archive Grodzisk Mazowiecki Branch
- records in Fond 200 in Warszawa Archive
- records in Fond 602 in Siedlce Archive

I found also acts which interested me in :
Lukow Births Marriages and Deaths 1826-65
Siedlce Gubernia / Lublin Province
but the number of the fond is not written, how to get them also?

and last thing, how to get informations >from : Nasz Przeglad Warszawa
Death Notices , 1923-1938 for I'm looking for informations concerning
a person deceased in 1935 in Warszawa.

thank you so much for what you will be able to do for me

Olivier Neuman (458743)

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