Re: questions concerning several acts #warsaw #poland

Hadassah Lipsius

Olivier asked a number of questions about several archives and not just
questions on the records for the city of Warszawa, which was the original
purpose for this Research Group.

The addresses for all of the individual archives can be found on the Polish
State Archives Website. Here is the link You
can email the individual archives to obtain copies.

Many of the Warszawa City Fond 200 records are available online.
JRI-Poland has begun to link the images to the JRI-Poland results and with
the soon to be announced database update which will occur at the time of the
IAJGS Conference in Jerusalem, many additional Warszawa City results will
be linked to images on the National Digital Archives website. In the
meanwhile Fond 200 images can be located at

When you search the database (either Jewishgen's All Poland database or
JRI-Poland) and get a result for Nasz Przeglad, if you scroll to the bottom
you will get a link to the information on that database. It can be found
at On this
website, it contains information on Libraries which have copies of the
Journal. There are some digital copies on I have not
explored the site fully yet

Hadassah Lipsius
Kew Gardens Hills, NY

my name is olivier Neuman;
I'm looking for acts in Warszawa. The problem is they are not available
online as for Galicia.
I would like to know how to get them in particular the email adress we have
to write and can I write to them in English or Polish is the only way?

What I found it's this:
- records in Fond 826 in Warszawa Archive Grodzisk Mazowiecki Branch
- records in Fond 200 in Warszawa Archive
- records in Fond 602 in Siedlce Archive

I found also acts which interested me in :
Lukow Births Marriages and Deaths 1826-65 Siedlce Gubernia / Lublin Province
but the number of the fond is not written, how to get them also?

and last thing, how to get informations >from : Nasz Przeglad Warszawa Death
Notices , 1923-1938 for I'm looking for informations concerning a person
deceased in 1935 in Warszawa.

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