Re: Interpreting DNA results #dna

Sam Vass <SVass@...>

On 2008.07.21, Sandra Krisch <Sandra@...> wrote:

The test results are in. They show that Robert was one of 18 people
who exactly matched Richard on the 12-marker test. Robert was the
only person to exactly match Richard on the 25 marker test. Robert
was one of four people to match Richard on 34 out of 37 markers, but
the only one matching all 25 markers on the 25 marker test.

What conclusions do these data allow us to draw regarding whether --
and more importantly when(i.e. how many generations ago)--Robert and
Richard had a common ancestor?
The combination of the paper records and the yDNA results together
indicates that there is a relatively recent connection. There is no
known way to "prove" the exact relationship or the amount of time.

Sam Vass, Kent, Washington, USA

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