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Peter Lowe <Peter.Lowe@...>

Barbara KINTAERT in Vienna is trying to locate descendants of Jewish
families deported >from Servitengasse in Vienna, where she now lives. A
specific interest at present is locating living people in connection
with the unveiling of a memorial to those deported.

Would anyone have any information on any of these people, or their
families, who were living in Servitengasse, Wien in 1938 :

Karl Heinz GOLDSCHMIDT: Born on June 7th 1926. His mother was Vilma
GOLDSCHMIDT (nee UNGAR). Probably now in the USA.

Ilse ABRAHAM: Born on March 6th 1925 in Vienna, daughter of Emanuel &
Wilhelmine ABRAHAM; fled to Switzerland with her father. Possibly
married to a Mr. Katz.

Eva PARKER(nee JAROSCH): Born 25 Apr 1931; grandaughter of Siegfried
SCHICK (born Neu Bydzov in 1865). Probably on Kindertransport to
England, via Netherlands in Feb 1939.

If you have any information please contact me privately and I will pass
on details to Barbara KINTAERT.

Thank you

Peter LOWE
Hertford, England
Email: Peter.Lowe@Bigfoot.Com

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