Research in Warsaw archives AND access to LDS films NOT digitized #poland #warsaw

Joel weiner

BACKGROUND: I have spent many years researching my ENDEWELT folks in
Warsaw. I have data on several hundred individuals >from the early
1800s to the Holocaust.

However, data on my direct ancestral line ends with my
great-grandfather (Mojsche Endervelt b.1878) who died in New York
City. His Death Certificate has his father's name as "Jacob." In all
my research, I have not found any Jacob/Yacov/etc. of the right age.

Mojsche and his wife Golda Fishman/Fiszman were married in Warsaw
1897/98. I have not found any records on familysearch or jewishgen for
that family.

1. Have all of the 19th century Jewish records in the Warsaw Archives
been copied by the LDS?
2. If not, are they accessible to a researcher I would hire there?
2. I see in the LDS catalog that there are films listed as "Granite
Mountain Record Vault." How does one get to view those films not yet
on-line? Specifically, film 106421224.
3. Any other suggestions for this brick wall?


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