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David W. Harris <dharris1@...>

To the YT&V Group Members-
I had an opportunity to stop at the Cincinnati Hebrew Union College Klau
Library. The staff is great and helped me locate a number of books and
microfilms in record time.

One of the books is a "Catalog of the Abram & Frances Pasher Kanof
Collection of Yiddish Theatre and Motion Picture Posters". I believe the
actual collection is housed at the American Jewish Historical Society in
Waltham, Mass. The Catalog contains the names of many Yiddish Playwrights,
Composers and Performers and then lists the number of photos relating to
their specific productions.

As an example, an earlier message to the group researched a member related
to Moishe Schorr. The catalog references two productions of Moshe Shor,
one >from May 1916 at the Royal Theater. The collection claims to have 11
photographs of the cast >from that production.

While neither the Hebrew Union College Library staff nor the American
Jewish Historical Society is obligated to help in looking up or copying
material, they "Might" be willing to do that. A donation to the
organization would certainly be in order.

I copied the list of names covering Abramovich to Feld and Schweid to
Zanger. If seeking people falling within these names, I'll be happy to let
you know if it appears in the catalog.

David Harris
Silver Spring, MD

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