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Let me begin by saying that I am new to the list, but am not
unfamiliar with protocols and will not offend those who have gotten
this far through the sentence with their fingers on the delete

I was born in the United States but have been living in Romania for
three years now. During the last year things have taken a brighter
path as I have become involved in a program concerning the
documentation of Jewish monuments here in Romania (a manner of stating
that I have traversed Maramures far and wide with my partner during
the past summer, documenting and photographing over 130 Jewish
cemeteries) for Jewish folks keen on researching their geneology.

But with that I speak of summer sunshine the true
harshness of winter falls upon me and I must again find refuge in the
university and state archives of the city of Cluj. For some time now I
have been compiling a reference catalogue of cabaret and variety
performers who appeared on Romanian stages. I have been confining
myself to persons that appear on cinemagraph stages and variety
theaters (avoiding those who appeared regualarly as 'theater'
performers) and have been dying to know if there is more information
out there about "hypnotic dogs" and "egyptian dancers"...

I suspect that many of the performers that I have been coming across
are not 'outrightly Jewish' but at the same time have come across many
references to Jewish/Romanian connection in Romanian performance.

What I would like to ask, as an introduction to this list, is for
people to send me information concerning online databases of
cabaret/theater/variety acts that are currently in existence. I have a
good deal of questions concerning newspaper references and 78rpm
recordings that I have purchased over the past few years that are
currently unanswered. Having the opportunity to search through these
lists (which I haven't been able to locate via search engines) would
help me refine my questions towards and my involvement in this list...

Hope you understand and hope I am not sounding too drab in my


John C DeMetrick
CP 28 OP 1 Industrial
3400 Cluj-Napoca, Romania !!WANTED!!
Tel: (40) (064) 124-330 Postcards!

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