Happy Birthday Carol Skydell #yiddish

David W. Harris <dharris1@...>

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The following message was prepared by Susan King. Those of us that have
relied on Carol Skydell's guidance and nurturing join Susan in wishing her
the happiest of Birthdays - and many more.

Official Carol W. Skydell Day on JewishGen
in honor of her 75th birthday November 2, 2000
There are special moments and special people that an organization can
recognize, and today is one of those very special occasions. Can you
imagine the world of JewishGen without Carol Skydell?
This feisty red-head first presented herself to JewishGen at the Washington
Summer Seminar in 1995. She had been known to many of us through her
informative posts on JewishGen during the previous six months.
It was here that Carol made her first big mistake in her 5 year "career"
with JewishGen. A mistake that now carries forward to anyone who complains.
They say you can't teach an old dog a new trick... well those prophets were
wrong! We have proven over many years that no matter what your age, and no
matter what your disability and no matter how technically challenged you
are... JewishGen can find a way to get you to volunteer... and then some...
Carol is our proof! <grin>
>from the Support Desk to Moderator, >from Moderator to Board Member and
Public Relations, >from Public Relations to VP of Operations... Carol has
surely been on a fast track.. all the while demonstrating to us how fast
she can still type.
Mother of three sons, two daughter-in-laws, one grandson and four or so
grand dogs, Carol continues to monitor all her duties while making cross
country treks between her east and west coast homes twice a year. All of her
files are zipped, her paperwork stuffed in baskets in her car... and her car
put on a transport... it is JewishGen flexibility and mobility at the
JewishGen has gained immeasurably >from Carol's exuberance, her willingness
to tackle any job ... no matter what time of the day or night it presents
itself, her undying spirit for what JewishGen stands for, and her
unsurpassing loyalty and dedication to the missions and goals of this
Please join with us today to honor Carol! There is no better way to say
thank you on this special day than to give back to JewishGen by making a
gift in her honor to JewishGen through our Honors/Thanks JewishGen-erosity
Please join us in celebrating this very special occassion with Carol. This
will be the most special gift of all. What a better way to honor an
individual who has given generously of her time through dedicated, selfless
work for the greater good of Jewish genealogy?
Your contribution to JewishGen will continue to fund our operational budget
which supports all of JewishGen's activities, projects and SIGs, each and
every month.
Happy Birthday, Carol!

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