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Adrianne Yoder <cycberlib@...>

Dear list members,
Please give me a clue,if possible,to a good place to start. This brick
wall is tough.

My gfather was David C. ROTHSTEIN, Cleveland. He had an older brother
who was born either on the way to the U.S. >from Kovno or soon after
arrival in NY (maybe Newberg,NY or Buffalo, NY.)

I have papers with various names for him...Philip (or Abe) Rothstein
or during Vaudeville and the rest of his life he was called Cy Young.

He left Cleveland at about 16 or 17 years old (around 1910-1912.)
Probably for NYC and vaudeville. He was successful as a singer and
the family story says he worked in the Ziegfeld Follies. He was
reportedly the warmup guy for some big names.

All I have are two publicity has a stamp on the back
that says...Cy Young with TODD and CUMMINGS International Editon of the
CHATTERBOX REVUE "OVER HERE." It was taken by H Ross, Cleveland,O and
is marked "4". The other is a wonderful closeup taken by Sussman, MPLS,
of Cy lighting a cigarette. He is wearing a cap, suit and tie.

He married an older woman who was a "featured" dancer with the follies.
We think her stage name was Beatrice LeBlanc and was >from WI. They
retired to purchase a roadhouse on the shores of the lake north of Green
Bay (Menomenee, in MI.) My father visited him in summers.

They sold the roadhouse in the 50's and we think he moved to Florida.

Because of the Cy Young name, searching on the internet brings up the
baseball star or tons of hits. Any suggestions would be greatly

Adrianne Roth Yoder, Boise,ID

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