ViewMate Second try #yiddish

David W. Harris <dharris1@...>

To those who received this message in Unreadable format, I apologize. I
started New Year's Eve too early. We're going to try this one again - the
message is worth the effort.

The message below is >from the administrator of the ViewMate site. As
moderator of the Yiddish Theater and Vaudeville Research Group, I
encourage our readers to make use of ViewMate and, when possible,
assist others needing our help.
My best wishes for a Happy and Healthy New Year for all.
David Harris (moderator YT&V)

Subject - ADMIN Note -ViewMate -Thank you!

As the administrator of the ViewMate site
I want to take this opportunity to THANK all the members of the
JewishGen community who may have come to the ViewMate site to help
their fellow JewishGeners with their research. Although the ViewMate
site has only been up for 2 months - starting November, 2000 - based
on feedback I have received >from the ViewMate posters - they have
almost all received some form of help or assistance with their inquiry.
As someone who has also posted documents to the ViewMate site - I can
speak with first hand experience - about the awesome set of talented
people we have in the JewishGen community and also commend them on their
willingness to take the time to help others.
If you have not been to the site - give it a try.
Thank You Again!

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