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I do not know anything about Herman Wohl. However, my granduncle, Matty
(Meyer) Wahl was born in Dzikow, Poland around 1885. He immigrated to the
US in 1891 with his mother and sister. Matty was involved with vaudeville
in NYC for about 35 years, doing a comedy act, but I know very little about
the act. He passed away in Florida some years ago.

Perhaps there is a relationship between them?

Shawn Weil
Columbus, OH


In March, Marta Bertolini (see below) asked the YT&V group for information
regarding an actor with the surname WOHL.

In Zylbercweig's Lexicon of the Yiddish Theater, there is a short
biography of a Herman (Tzvi) Wohl, born September 8, 1877 near Stanislavov
(then Galicia), now Ivano Frankovsk and part of the Ukraine. The bio is
written in Yiddish and includes a picture of Herman Wohl. The article
concentrates on his theatrical background, but mentions he was the son of
a shopkeeper.

If this has any bearing on Marta's search, please contact me directly.
David Harris
Silver Spring, MD
Hallo everyone,
I'm searching information about my family, my gmother used to say her
gfather's brother was an actor. He was probably born in
Bolekhov, Galicia,after 1854, he left his homeland to Austria or Germany
and family legends tell he was killed by nazis.

His surname was WOHL.

Does anyone have any information about an actor who's family name was

Thanks in advance for any information you may be able to provide me with.

Marta Bertolini
Roma, Italy

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