need help finding dancer, Marya Saunders #yiddish

Tracie Schneider <tracie157@...>

Dear YTandV members,
I'm very happy to have found this list, and am hoping that it might
help me track down a family member I've been looking for for years.
I have a relative named Senia Solomonoff (stage name) (my GGM's
brother)who immigrated in the early 1900s >from Kiev. He was a ballet
dancer of some renown, and married another well-known dancer named Lola
Menzelli (also a stage name). The two toured around the world together in
the teens and 1920's (I have magazine and newspaper articles). When they
retired >from dancing, Senia opened a book store in Manhattan (on 6th
Street) that sold dance and drama books.
They had a daughter born in the mid-1930's who also made up a name for
herself - Marya Saunders. She too was a dancer, and appeared in off-
Broadway shows,TV, etc. I have her resume which lists all her
performances. She was apparently raised in Chicago.
When Senia died in Sept. 1954, she took over his book store. I have
no idea what her "real" name was, whether she ever married and changed it
yet again, whether she's still living (very likely), what part of the
country she may be living in, although some family lore says she's
somewhere in Florida.
I would very much like to find her. I have checked for information
with the two unions listed on her resume, but they will not give me
information on former members. If anyone has ANY ideas about what I can do
to find her, or if anyone has ever heard of her or her parents, please let
me know. I've run out of leads!!

Tracie Schneider
Tallahassee, FL

Moderator's Note: While this is not a search for a "Yiddish Theater or
Vaudeville" performer, assistance in this member's request would be
appreciated. Please reply directly to the sender.

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