[jgsigs-ml] New Procedures to Search the JGFF #yiddish

David Harris <dorsharris@...>

Dear JewishGen'rs,

Within the next few days, you will notice a change when you visit the
JewishGen Family Finder (JGFF). We are now implementing a registration
screen similar to that which has been in use for searching the Family
Tree of the Jewish People (FTJP) for the last few weeks.

This change is part of a major project which has been under development
for nearly a year called "CURE" -- the Central User Registration
Environment. The intent is to cure many of the ongoing challenges
JewishGen has faced due to the phenemonal growth we continue to
experience. These challenges include forgotten passwords, lost
researchers, and duplicate registrations. Most critical is the
increasing need for tightened security which will result in greater
protection for the data you provide.

CURE will integrate all the separate registration processes for the
JGFF, the FTJP, all Lyris Mailing Lists, ViewMate, ShtetlSchleppers,
JewishGen-erosity, the JewishGen Mall, the Guest Book, and the
interactive databases. CURE will also serve to integrate the systems
used for JewishGen's administrative functions. Over the coming months,
all of these interfaces will be replaced with a single central logon and
registration point -- CURE.

Here's how it works. When accessing the JGFF to perform a search, you
will now be asked to logon using either your e-mail address or your
JewishGen ID Number (JGID, formerly called the "JGFF Researcher Code"),
and your Password. If you have forgotten either, they can now be
retrieved automatically by using <
http://www.jewishgen.org/CURE/password.html >.

What CURE will do for JewishGen is enable us to better manage all of our
programs, assist in our planning process and provide the information we
need to better serve our constituents.

In addition to greater security for your contact information, your
benefits will include not having to worry about updating your contact
information individually in each program or mailing list, but to update
it in one place and one place only -- CURE. We expect this "one stop
update" to be a great convenience and believe it will also result in far
fewer "lost researchers" who forget to change their e-mail address in
each and every place it is listed on JewishGen.

The new CURE logon screen will apply to the JewishGen Family
Finder(JGFF) within the next few days. For complete information about
the JGFF, see the "JGFF FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about the JGFF"
at < http://www.jewishgen.org/jgff/jgff-faq.html >.

In the coming weeks, this logon screen will also be implemented across
other JewishGen programs and databases and we will be posting notices
accordingly in each of our mailing lists.

We welcome your feedback and comments on the new system so that we can
continue to make this process easier!

Susan E. King
Managing Director

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