Looking for an Actor and The Good Earth #yiddish

David Harris <dorsharris@...>

In an earlier message to the YT&V group, Bernie Levy was seeking
information about his grandfather, Morris KAUDERER, who may have acted
under the stage name Maurice KONRAD. Mr. Levy also thought that his
grandfather may have had some involvement with the play "The Good Earth".

On September 25, 1932, the New York Times reported that the new play, "The
Good Earth", was having a pre-Broadway tryout in Philadelphia. It goes on
to say that the Theater Guild production was being presented at the
Chestnut Street Opera House. Except for its star, Ms. Alla Nazimova, no
other cast members are mentioned. However, it did state that it had a cast
of about 40 members. The show opened on Broadway in October 1932 and a
listing of the New York cast does not include anyone with a name remotely
similar to Morris Konrad (there was a Conrad Cantzen).

Since Bernie Levy's message mentioned his grandfather was an optometrist in
Philadelphia >from 1916 to 1954, it's possible he participated in the
Philadelphia tryout prior to the show opening in New York. I would suggest
two sources to check for names of the cast; Philadelphia newspapers
(including the Philadelphia Evening Bulletin) and Variety Magazine. Both
probably had some review or reference to the Philadelphia performances.
The weekly Variety Magazine for the 1932 period is available on microfilm.

David Harris
Silver Spring, MD

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