location of Zal Kedrova/Sala Kedrowa #yiddish

Paula Eisenstein Baker

Dear listers,

I am trying to locate a hall called "Zal Kedrova/Sala Kedrowa."

According to information on a poster, Leo TSEYTLIN produced a concert there Sat,
July 22, 1922; his wife, Esther SITITSKAIA, sang, and he may have performed
(on viola). At that time they were living in Vilna, so I have always assumed that
the concert took place there, but a research librarian in Vilnius who
investigated it thoroughly (and whom I trust) tells me that there has never
been a hall by that name in Vilna. So . . .

Possible clues for where the concert took place:

(1) The poster was printed in Vilna, so I assume the concert took place
not far >from there, BUT there seems to be no mention of it in the Vilna
newspapers, so maybe it didn't. The posters are small enough
(approximately 19 x 24 in.) that they could have been carried easily.

(2) The poster is in two languages, Yiddish and Polish (NOT Russian).

(3) No address is given for the hall; either the city was small enough that no
address was necessary, OR the hall was very well known. A dance followed the

(4) Tseytlin and his wife were both originally >from Pinsk; possibly it took
place there.

Private replies, please, to <eisenbak@stthom.edu> unless you think they are of
interest to the group. Please excuse multiple postings.

Paula Eisenstein Baker
Music Dept
Univ of St. Thomas, Houston
(since this is an inquiry of professional interest to me)

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