KICHLER/KARLIK/GELBER Yiddish theatre - Lemburg. #yiddish

Nigel Wilson <wilsonettes@...>

Dear Friends,

I am assisting a friend here in Israel who is looking for his family >from

Marjem (Libe/Lina KICHLER) born 1875 in Lemberg married an Asriel/Israel
KARLIK – they lived in Lviv where their children were born – we know of 4,
there may have been more.

Zygmunt born 1891
Arnold Maks (Aron Meilech) born 1892
Genia born 1894
Joachim Izydor (Chaim Israel) born 1896.

Lina became a well known singer especially at Gimpel’s theatre in Lemberg.
She traveled through Austria, Hungary and Romania and in 1924 celebrated her
25th anniversary of her stage career. Asriel was also a member of the chorus
and would regularly sing solo numbers in Yiddish operettas and perform at
the Polish Opera.

Their daughter Genia (my friend’s grandmother) also took to the stage and
was a Yiddish actress.

Genia married a Moshe GELBER and we understand that he too was in the

My friend knows absolutely nothing about his GELBER, KARLIK, or KICHLER
families and would be delighted to learn, if this stage in his life, he has
any relatives anywhere in the world.

If anyone has knowledge of any of the above families >from Lviv and
presumably surrounding areas, please do contact me.

I thank you.

Patricia Wilson (Israel)

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