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David Harris <dorsharris@...>

Dear YT&V Members:
In order to make the YT&V interest group of more value to present and
future users, we are willing to "consider" special efforts and projects
that will ultimately benefit all.

We are asking the present membership to make recommendations that will be
of value of the group. It is our hope to make the information available on
a YT&V web site. Presently, there are two items available, 1) an Index
to the names (and pictures) appearing in Zalman Zylbercweig's, "Album of
the Yiddish Theatre"


and 2) an Index to biographical sketches of people associated wtih the Yiddish
theatre that were lost through the cruelty of the holocaust, as appearing in
Zylbercweig's, "Lexicon of the Yiddish Theatre, Volume 5"


Examples of projects already under consideration:
1. Web pages of photos of family and friends performing or associated with
the Yiddish stage, along with captions to explain the relationship. It must
be noted that this will be in accordance with any copyright limitations.

2. Books about the Yiddish theater. vaudeville, movies, etc. owned or
available to the members, in which they will be willing to research
information for other members of the group.

3. A simple listing of the names of family members associated with the
Yiddish theater. In that way, others knowing of a connection >from a family
or business relationship, can make contact.

Your comments regarding the above and recommendations for additional
projects will be appreciated. Please remember that not all recommendations
can be incorporated due to limited YT&V staff and/or restrictions due to
legal considerations and JewishGen restrictions.
Please respond to the YT&V mailing group <>
Thank you.
Moderator on duty, YY&V

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