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Steven Lasky <steve725@...>

Greetings all,
Months ago, I announced the creation of my first web site, a virtual
(Internet only) museum of Jewish family history. I described what the site
consisted of and asked if anyone had any material/family photographs
relating to our Jewish families in the Yiddish theatre and vaudeville that I
could use on my site, and got a minimal response.
I am writing to you now to tell you that I have revamped my site and have
now included some material that might be of interest to you.
You can visit a small exhibition that honors the Fischer family, who once
acted in Yiddish theatre in Warszawa, most of whom perished in the Shoah. I
have written a review of the Molly Picon movie "Yidl mitn Fidl." I also have
online a short story, "In the Polish School," originally written by Szoel
Frydman (nom de plume Leib Rashkin) in Yiddish in the 1930s and published in
the Yiddish newspaper "Shtern" in 1940. It is available for viewing on my
site in both English and Hebrew.
All can be accessed through the Site Map. Be sure to use the slightly
altered URL shown below my signature to get to the newest version of my

Steven Lasky

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