Subject lines used on YTandV posts #yiddish

Bernie Levy <bernie-levy@...>

May I respectfully suggest to all posters that a longer, more
meaningful Subject line be used on all posts?! When the subject line
is short, esp. if only a surname, and the sender name is not
recognized, then the posting can easily be thought to be Spam and the
reader might delete or mark as Spam in their mail reader such that they
will never receive a YTandV posting again. I would assume that this
has already happened as I was very tempted to click the Spam button (in
my Yahoo mail) a few minutes ago.

Perhaps, as is done in other listserves, some sort of standard prefix
could be placed by all senders or by the moderator (if there is one),
etc. on each Subject line such as [YTandV].

Thank you.


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