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Here is an answer that might be of use. When my wife's great uncle,
Kalmen Yuwiler, arrived in this country (with 20 members of his
troupe) they each listed a theatre in New York City as their
destination. This was because Yuwiler and his troupe had been hired
to do a season at that theatre. So the theatre address was a sign of
gainful employment.
Similarly you might look at any remaining records of that vaudeville
house to see if your ggf performed there. Also it is always worth
a look at Zilberzweig's Lexicon of Yiddish Theatre (written in
Yiddish) for his name.
Gene Warech

Moderator's Note: The index to the "Lexicon" mention by Gene Warech can be
found on the NY Public Library web site:

On Mar 2, 2006, at 10:00 PM, YTandV Research Group digest wrote:
Subject: SAMUELS
From: Robin ESP <>
My G-Grandfather came >from Romania through Ellis
Island. On the passenger record it says he was going
to a Vaudeville House in Portland, Maine. He lived in
Chicago, had a family and ended up in Los Angeles, CA.
Did alot of people travel >from Europe and head
directly to Vaudeville Houses? Did they live at the
Thanks for any info,
Robin Samuels

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