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Moving Here is a website dealing with immigration into
the UK:

It has many items of Jewish interest inc many
registration cards of immigrants after 1938.

I was doing a "Lucky-dip" search in the website, and
for no specific reason, entered Riga as a search term
except I had just been reading about many deportations
from Vienna to Riga. This came up:
Jewish Museum, London 'The American Litvak' Black and
white photograph of Yiddish theatre actor Mark MARKOV
(as Mayerl) and his wife actress Etta TOPEL (as the
American cabaret singer Tootsie) in a performance of
musical comedy 'The American Litvak' at the the Grand
Palais, Commercial Road, London. - Mark Markov
(1905-1983) ...born Mark Vegers Riga, ... entered the
theatre at an early age .. appeared with some of the
world's leading actors and actresses, specialising in
the young dramatic roles of the Yiddish classics.
....toured extensively with his wife .... In 1939
Maurice SCHWARTZ engaged MARKOV and TOPEL ....
appeared at the Garrick Theatre. Marooned in London at
the outbreak of war, Markov formed a company to give
an almost unbroken season of Yiddish theatre at the
Grand Palais, playing musicals, comedies, melodramas
but always finding room for the classics. During the
Blitz, MARKOV organised Yiddish concerts in the air
raid shelters and appeared as a guest artist at the
Windmill Theatre singing Russian songs. He was the
first artistic director and leading man at the New
Yiddish Theatre in Adler Street, and later worked at
the Grand Palais and Alexandra Theatres. The couple
settled in Bulawayo, Rhodesia until the mid-1970s when
they emigrated to Israel. Etta Topel (1913-1992) was
born in Warsaw and ... became a member of the chorus
in the Yiddish theatre. ... soon engaged as leading
lady in the musical theatre where she toured for a
number of years with Benzion WITLER. .... she met and
married MARKOV in Riga, forming a theatrical
partnership which lasted for many years. In 1939 Topel
received great acclaim for her appearances at the
Garrick Theatre in the West End as leading lady to
Maurice SCHWARTZ. ......

Don't forget to look at the many black and white
photographs of the couple plus many other interesting
items and stories. The stories appear when you click
on the item catalogue number.

Celia Male [U.K.]

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