IAJGS BOF session (final notice) #yiddish


Attending IAJGS 26?

Don't forget to join the planning meeting for the JewishGen Yiddish
Theater and Vaudeville Research Group.

Session 1034
Wednesday, 16 August / 22 Av
4:45 to 6:00 PM
Soho, seventh floor

Moderator David Harris has been working on a list in the following
format >from our discussion archives and you will be able to add your
information to the list:

Surname Given; Activity; Location; Stage Name; Time Period; Sender;

We will be focusing on these three projects as identified by listserv
members as our highest priority:
1. A listing of actors, playwrights, business people, and others
associated with Yiddish theater, vaudeville, burlesque, and films being
sought by the members to facilitate information transfer;.
2. Personal photos and memorabilia associated with Yiddish theater and
vaudeville, images of which are to be placed on the web site;
3. Books about Yiddish theater, vaudeville, movies, etc. owned or
available to the members, for which members will be willing to research
information for other members.

Shavua Tov and hoping for peace in Israel.

Jonina Duker, YTandV RG founder and facilitator
(Riga?), LEVINE (~Minsk?), RACHMAN (Salakas/Simferopol), RYMER,
SCHMUELIWITZ (~ Minsk?), SIEGEL (Uzpaliai), STRAUSS (Vilna?) &
ARLICK (Ashmyany), BARNA (Satu Mare), FRIEDLER (Soljataznan), GOLDSTEIN,
LICHTMAN (Csenger/Satu Mare), LITZKY (Golshany), RAPAPORT
(Kemenesmihalyfa), SCHLESINGER

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