followup Mt. Hebron Cemetery/Yiddish Notables #yiddish


In the superb documentary "The Komediant" on Pesachke Burstein and the
Burstein family - there is a moving scene of a visit to Mt. Hebron cemetery by
Lillian Lux and the family to see Pesachke's grave & the graves of other Yiddish
notables. Sadly, Lillian Lux has since passed, and I assume she is buried there
too. The movie is a 'must see' - and its website is '' .
Also, I purchased a CD of LIllian Lux which is a compilation of songs >from her
career; one of my favorites is her singing 'Jerusalem of Gold' in Yiddish. She
had the most beautiful voice.

Also, if you're taking the bus trip to Mt. Hebron Cemetery - you may want to
also visit the grave of the The Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel
Schneerson. It's very moving, and even more so before the Jewish Holidays.

David, New Jersey
searching: ZIKLIK, SICKLICK - Lenin, Belarus + Israel + United States;
MEDVEDEV - Mikashevitz, Belarus
EKELCHIK - Uzda; TREILAZER - Warsaw (became Goldstein, U.S.)

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