Understanding Familianten Records #austria-czech


Hello Austria-Czech SIG:

I have my GGGGF's Familianten Record which was supposedly written in 1811.
There are, however, entries as late as 1825 and all appear to be written by the
same hand. The record says that GGGGF received permission to marry
26 January 1794 and that he died 7 February 1824. It also says that his
parents names were unknown.

My questions:

1. If the Familianten Record was written in 1811, or any time before 1824,
why would the parents of the Familiant not be known?

2. Since all of the record appears to be written by the same person, is this
really a reconstruction or transcription compiled >from several sources and not
a primary record?

Am I missing or misreading something?

Many thanks for any help.

Dave Bernard, Sherborn, Massachusetts

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