Artie Dunn (The Three Suns); Gertrude Dunn #yiddish

Stephen Katz

I am trying to find information about Artie DUNN, a member of the musical group
The Three Suns which was popular in the 1940s-1950s, and his mother Gertrude DUNN,
who was an actress in Boston in the 1920s.

Re Artie DUNN: I am not seeking information about Artie's professional career,
which is abundant; rather, I am looking for genealogical information, such as
(i) his original name (his name doesn't come up on any of the usual genealogical
databases); (ii) d.o.b. (I've seen references to a d.o.b. in 1922, but he must
have been born much earlier, since he appeared with other performers such as
Sammy Fain in the early 1920s and Les Reis in 1932); I believe he was born in
Boston; (iii) other family members.

Re Gertrude DUNN: I have found no information whatsoever about her. If anyone has
any information at all, I'd love to receive it.
Stephen KATZ
New York City

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