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Bob Kosovsky

Using the Entertainment Industry Magazine Archive I found a single entry
for Delle Bennett >from Billboard of September 18, 1915, page 12 which fits
in with your part of the story. This is >from a column reporting on the
popularity of various songs. I transcribe the entire relevant portion:

"Delle Bennett has just returned >from a ten weeks' tour of Panama, where
she made quite a hit with I Want To Be Loved Like the Girls on the Film.
Miss Bennett gave a special performance before the officials of the
Panamanian Republic, and was presented with various beautiful gifts."

This doesn't mean that this is the only instance of Bennett, just that
it's what the OCR was able to capture. At various times Billboard and
Variety ran weekly listings of show-biz or vaudeville acts, listing
everything that was going on in New York City, and quite a bit of what was
happening across the country. This is probably your best bet of finding
more information about her.

Frank A. Miller seems to have been a colorful character. In the 1890s
he's involved with circus acts with his wife. After a bit of acting, he's
a booking agent in the teens as your letterhead attests. By the 1920s he
was elected assemblyman of Brooklyn's 20th district while still
maintaining his booking agency. According to his wife's obituary (from
1941), the couple retired in 1929. She died in Witchita Kansas in 1941.
Subsequent articles list him back in New York. The trail runs dry after
the 1950s - I couldn't find an obituary for him.

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My name is Mark SCHECTERSON. I have recently begun to trace my family
history. My
great grandmother's stage name was Delle BENNETT. (Her real married name
was Delle
HAMBURG, maiden name Dora WEITZMAN). In her U.S. passport I discovered a
letter on
the letterhead of "Frank A. Miller" Lyceum; Literary, Dramatic, Musical,
Booking Bureau, dated September 15th, 1919 stating she is booked to go to
Entertainer's Cafe in Colon, Panama. I don't know if this was Yiddush
but I think it is vaudeville. Does anyone have info regarding this agency?
suggestions for his rookie genealogist?

Mark Schecterson
PO Box 115
Heron, Montana 59844
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